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Sending ities Habitat for Humanity"  

P.O. Box 3707, Petersburg, VA  23805.

Please designate if you would like the funds to stay locally, or whether you would like 10% to be set aside for building housing in other countries. 

Thank you for your generous support!

Did you know that children, given the advantage of a home, are …
       40%   less likely to be a teenage mom.
       25%   more likely to finish High School.
       50%   less likely to be unemployed at age 20.
       16%   more likely to graduate from College.
       59%   more likely to become a homeowner.
       25%   less at risk  of illness and disability through out  their entire life-time.
       85%    happier - along with families -  with  their living situation.

Pledge $100 for each house that we start.    This is our BUILDERS' CLUB.   To keep it affordable, the expected amount will not exceed $200 in  a calendar year.   Each year we will have a potluck dinner (stewardship of funds) at which time we will celebrate the successes of the previous year, hear the building plans for the new year, and meet partner families.  Guests are invited.    

Here are three ways to give your wonderful gift.

Giving the Gift called Home

Through MobileCause, we are currently fundraising to provide a roof for our N. Carolina Ave. house. You can also access MobileCause, by texting 717-77, and following the link.

Some of our fabulous walkers at our

Spring Walk fundraiser.

"Whoever is kind to the poor,

lends to the Lord ..."

- Proverbs 19:17

We invite you to donate today!

​ReStore: 829 Commerce Street, Petersburg, VA  23805